About PHP Aplication Distribution Licensing


On `examples` directory there are a many examples of basic usage. Run the examples under a web server.

To test under a localhost, use the parameter *allowLocal=True*.

To generate and validate the license the code *MUST BE* and *MUST RUN* under the domain to be validated.

You can store the license in a file, database, or even remotely.

Include the library

Autoloader for PHP 5.3

// Register Autoload 

Autoloader for PHP 5.2

// Register Autoload


Instance of License
- useMcrypt
- useTime
- useServer
- allowLocal
$padl = new \Padl\License(true, true, true, true);

//For better security injecting a copy of $_SERVER global var
$server_array = $_SERVER;

$date_expire = '12/31/2011';
list($month, $day, $year) = explode($date_expire);
// Calculating the time offset (expire_in)
$now       = mktime(date('H'), date('i'), date('s'), date('m'), date('d') , date('Y'));
$dateLimit = mktime(23, 59, 59, $month, $day, $year);
$expireIn  = $dateLimit - $now;

// Generating a key with your server details
$license = $padl->generate('localhost', 0, $expire_in);

// Save the license anywhere, database, filesystem, even remotely


Instance of License
parameters used in this sample:
- useMcrypt  = false 
- useTime    = true
- useServer  = false
- allowLocal = true
$padl = new PadlLicense(true, true, true, true);

// For better security injecting a copy of $_SERVER global var
$server_array = $_SERVER;

// get the license from a form, or load from database, filesystem
$license = (... load the license ...);

// the set key is the key validated
$results = $padl->validate($license);