Tips & Tricks

Use a Encoder

If you distribuite your code with open source code, any expert programmer could bypass the license.

You'd get better results enconding some critical files with Ioncube, SourceGuardian, ZendGuard or some other encoder you find.

You can encode:

Keep in mind that if you call Padl from a very common file that can be easily replaced, that can be bypassed easily, just overwriting them in example:

Copy and inject $_SESSION var

This global var could be spooffed with adequate data to force validation.

A usual trick is to copy the $_SESSION var at the very begging of the script, before any script that could alter this var. This blocks any undesible injection.

// At the beginning of the script
$server_array = $_SERVER;

// Instance
$padl = new \Padl\License(true, true, false, true);

// Injecting Server Vars

Extends Padl\License

You can extends Padl\License and add extra security to them.

The most desirebable override is the HASHs and IDs.

namespace Padl;
use Padl\License;
class MyLicense extends License {

    protected $hashKey1   = 'YmUzYWM2sNGU24NbA363zA7IDSDFGDFGB5aVi35BDFGQ3YNO36ycDFGAATq4sYmSFVDFGDFGps7XDYEzGDDw96OnMW3kjCFJ7M+UV2kHe1WTTEcM09UMHHT';
    protected $hashKey2   = '80dSbqylf4Cu5e5OYdAoAVkzpRDWAt7J1Vp27sYDU52ZBJprdRL1KE0il8KQXuKCK3sdA51P9w8U60wohX2gdmBu7uVhjxbS8g4y874Ht8L12W54Q6T4R4a';
    protected $hashKey3   = 'ant9pbc3OK28Li36Mi4d3fsWJ4tQSN4a9Z2qa8W66qR7ctFbljsOc9J4wa2Bh6j8KB3vbEXB18i6gfbE0yHS0ZXQCceIlG7jwzDmN7YT06mVwcM9z0vy62T';

    protected $id1      = 'nSpkAHRiFfM2hE588eB';
    protected $id2      = 'NWCy0s0JpGubCVKlkkK';
    protected $id3      = 'G95ZP2uS782cFey9x5A';

Add extra info and check after validation

You can pass extra info when generating, and check that after validation. This way you add extra custom security.

// (...) normal stuff to generate
$options = array(
    'application' => 'MyApp',
    'version'     => '1.2.9',
    // etc
$license = $padl->generate($domain, 0, $expireIn, $options);

// and to validate...
$result = $padl->validate($license);
if ( 
    $result['RESULT'] === 'OK' 
    && $result['DATA']['application'] == 'MyApp'
    && $result['DATA']['version'] == '1.2.9'
) {
    echo 'VALID';
} else {
    echo 'INVALID';